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Happy conflicting holiday!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 11:34 PM

    Since it's Easter day right now... BUT WAIT! It's 4/20 today, so therefore, it's also national pot smoking day!

So therefore, happy Easter and 420 day. Later, you will see me uploading a picture relevant to this conflicting holiday. B-)

DISCLAIMER: I do not smoke weeds.... Well, I want to.

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Go draw over my page!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 10:02 PM

Apparently there's a cool fad about this one app, Goggles.

    Please follow the direction in that site. Once you've followed the direction, then you may go over my profile page to draw / write whatever you want! Heck, you even can destroy my page if ya want to. :lol:

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Great Deal- 100 Points headshot (CLOSED) THANK YOU

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 14, 2014, 11:59 AM

I only will limit myself to 5 slots, so, please hurry up!

You will get a sketched/painted headshot done in a style like these:

Kakuzu in Heaven by GloriousphiliaOrchid by GloriousphiliaKurai Hebi Wtfever Painting by Gloriousphilia

Please include your character reference picture.
Please HOLD your payment until I tell you so!

Comment away... Quickly!

1. :iconlullimei: Done
2. :iconlullimei: Done
3. :iconzefrenchinator: Done
4. :iconpewpewpewpie: Done
5. :iconoperia: Done
6. :iconvanillafoxx: Done

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Oops, I stole this lil' quiz

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 13, 2014, 12:55 PM

1. Do you want a boyfriend or girlfriend?
Already got what I wanted. :>    <3

2. When did your last hug take place?
Few weeks ago, by my best friend in school. He saw me crying because of the math. I was hoping no one would see me like this, but he did. He chuckled and offered me a hug, I accepted it. I felt like a fool, but it's nice to have a hug in the time like that.

3. Are you a jealous person?
Unlikely, but I can get jealous in a very specific situation.

4. Are you tired right now?
Nope, but I do feel like a crap due to me being tiiiiny bitsy bit sick.

5. Do you chew on your straws?
I'm sure everyone have, lol. Do you know that I sometimes would stick my bucky front teeth in the straw?

6. Have you ever been called a tease?
Um, no. o.o

7. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
Yes, yes, I have. It was hell.

8. Do you cry easily?
If people consider me as a crybaby, then yes.

9. What should you be doing right now?
Finish up Nebula's ref sheet.

10. Are you a heavy sleeper?
Nope, I'm the other way around! A gentle little touch on me can lead me to wake up right away. I shocked my ex-boyfriend that way when he woke me up for the first time, lewl.

11. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months?
I already am, lol.

12. Are you mad at someone right now?
Yes, at a lot of people. Oh boy.

13. Do you believe in love?
Sure thing

14. What makes you laugh no matter what?

15. Who was the last person you talked to?
On the internet, random DeviantART person I don't even know whom.
In real life, my mom.
16. Do you get butterflies around the person you like?
Not really. But I would have this fuzzy warm feeling inside me instead.

17. Will you get married?
I dunno. I might will for a legal reason.

18. When was the last time you smiled?
I'm sure it's today, but I don't remember why I smiles. Oops.

19. Does anyone like you?
Yeah, I know there's 4 people IRL who likes me.
I don't know about people on the internet except for my boyfriend.

20. Do you secretly like someone?
I secretly like my boyfriend. B)

21. Who was the first person you talked to today?
On the internet- My IRL best friend. xD She begged me to bother this one boy, so I went to do her favor. Lol.
IRL, my mom, of course.

22. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?
One internet buddy.
My boyfriend.
Few of my IRL buddies.
23. What are you NOT looking forward to?
Next year when I have to repeat my senior year because I'm not prepared enough for the real life stuff and I don't even understand all of the college thing because no one really guided me a way out. Fuck my life. I hate myself so much for that.

24. What ARE you looking forward to?
My leopard gecko to just fucking eat. Please... eat. You have not been eating for almost a week and I'm dead worried. Damn it.

25. Has someone of the opposite sex ever told you they loved you, and meant it?
aka my boyfriend, yes.

26. Suppose you see your ex kissing another person what would you do?
I have, and it doesn't bother me. I did nothing, but I feel a little awkward because they both are unlikely couples, lewl. I'm okay with it anyway!

27. Do you plan on moving out within the next year?
Probably, idk. Only the future will be able to tell. I'm scared.

29. How many TRUE friends do you have?
Four. I bet by the time I graduate, I will have either one or zero. </3
I know it will happen. Fuck this life too.

30. Do you fall for people easily?
Yeah, but, in least, I am be able to slap myself to wake up and realize what was wrong.

31. Have you ever fallen for your best friend?
Romantic-wise, I have.
Betrayal-wise, yes, I recently had to revoke all of my contact with my 13-years-long best friend. U_U  Even I had to do the same thing for my closest best friend yet since middle school. My life is going on so awesomely, cheer!

32. What's the last thing you put in your mouth?
Raspberry-flavored ginger ale?

33. Who was the last person you drove with?
My boyfriend.... Illegally. Only in a minute as a driving lesson, lol.

34. How late did you stay up last night and why?
On the weekday- 10PM - 11PM
On the weekend or any non-school days- 12AM - 3AM
I don't know why. I assume it is just the way my body goes by.

35. If you could move somewhere else, would you?
I don't know. I'll just stay here in Pittsburgh.

36. Who was the last person you took a picture of?

37. Can you live a day without TV?
Yeah, lol.

38. When was the last time you were extremely disappointed?
Yesterday, when all of those overly sensitive furries with their head full of untruthful theory attacked on me for something that was not my fault. e__e;

39. Three names you go by..

40. Are you currently in a relationship?
Yes. :> <3

41. What is your all-time favorite romance movie?

42. Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
I don't know.

43. What's your current problem?
My belly hurts. I want my period to just come already. Hnnngh

44. Have you ever had your heart broken?
Of course, yea.

45. Your thoughts of long distance relationships?
.. Hey! I'm in it right now! 8D

46. How many kids do you want to have?
Zero. Always will be zero.

47. Have you ever found it hard to tell someone you like them?
Aaaa, yes, it is hard! >~<

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FaceBook Account

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 12, 2014, 11:42 AM

    Hello, hello, hello!

    For some reason, lately, I got a sudden increase of people requesting me for my FaceBook account. I'm usually comfortable with you guys around DeviantART, but, just you know, FaceBook is quite a personal thing and I have a limited choice of who can add me to my FaceBook account. The reason I'm limiting myself like this is to avoid internet troll/assholes in conflict with my personal circle of people. I had a lot of bad history with trolls and I'm trying to reduce it. Unfortunely, I still get those kind of people to harass me anywhere on the internet. Other than that, I ask you to please be very understandable that I may or may not want to give out my FaceBook account to you. Please do not get upset if I don't want to give out the account to you. Instead of complaining about it, you can try to work on my friendship and maybe you can try again with asking me for my account in the next few months. 

            If you want to have my FaceBook account, NOTE me for it, please.
        The worse possible thing is me saying "no" and I won't bite you for that, lol.

Have a nice day, everybody!

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(UPDATE: RESULT!) Regarding to my Health

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 8, 2014, 11:00 AM


Ow. <:'o
Today, I got my blood taken!
Me no like needle.

    The thing is, I've been feeling excessively tired for around 1¾ weeks among with dry-like sore throat, earaches, mysterious random gagging, and swollen-up lymph nodes.

.... WELL, In least, I did not cry like a massive infant this time... Like I always do! Lol.
Well, actually, instead of crying, I turned it into something that is potential enough to become a comedy short show as I'm being injected with needle. T__T

Since strep throat is OUT of the image and a mono is in the image...

Tomorrow, I will hear the result based on my blood samples. I hope it's a mono! If not... then what is it, really?  D: 

Wish me luck for the good to happen, please!



    My mom got the phone call from my nurse who had my blood samples. I have a good number of a white blood cell and the other things. At first, my nurse suspected that I have a monocytes elevated, but she had to talk to doctor. Then shortly after, the real result is that I had a mono in the past and it pretty much just relapsed. I guess that's a good news that I do not have anything more serious than mono. I don't know why there is no cure for mono, lol.

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About Me + FAQ

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 28, 2014, 10:34 PM


    I'm Destiny, and you can call me by any nickname! I'm 19-years-old nerdy deaf girl from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I'm just a high school student with the desire to become both graphic designer and cartoonist.

    I take Advertising Design course in vocational-technical school. I finish up all given assignments, helped teacher with her production jobs, designed a logo for a battle bot teams, and I have sold a lot of Christmas products with my Happy Santa drawing at two different schools. I will be getting a NOCTI certification. 
    In my school for the deaf, I have designed a logo on shirt and hoodie, Valentine day's dance poster, water/rain barrels, won an award for art contest against 20 different schools who reads the same book, two door decoration contest for red ribbon week and helped a battle bot organization with color design concept.

    In my school, I got described as "Mentally Artistic" for my long-term obsession over drawing. I can do from feral animals to anthropomorphic to humans and creatures-- Both realistic and stylized.

    My art consistent of those subjects-
  • A disturbing or powerful message that would leave to your imagination.
  • Some of my assigned works from the vocational-technical
  • Satires / Parody
  • Character concept
  • Fanarts for any official media.
  • Commissions/Art Trade/Gift Art/Request
  • Anything that I am obsessed over
   I consider myself as introverted, that means I am reserved/quiet rather than being loud and verbally expressive. Please don't feel discouraged or intimidated if I don't respond back to you! It will take time for me to warm up to you completely.
   I was being told that I am...
          affable,         patient,         perseverance,        mentally strong,
        humble,         quiet,         thick-skull,     curious,         creative,
        opinionated,            gullible,                nerdy,              mellow

    I have a lot of obsessions- -- 
  • Reptile, Insect, Cat, Deer.
  • Science (Biology, Astrology and Chemistry)
  • Reserved gender role and Diversity of characteristics
  • Bone, Gore, Anatomy
  • Psychological
  • Tetris and Stepmania
  • Rose and Cherry Blossom
  • Masks
  • Antlers


Q.) How do you feel being deaf?
I feel normal, just like most of the hearing people. However, I still do have an advantage and disadvantage.
The advantage is that whenever there's an annoying noise around me, I simply can turn my cochlear implant off within my will.
The disadvantage is that I don't comprehend spoken English so well due to the lack of an exposure.

Q.) Do you have any pet?
Yes! I have a male leopard gecko, Atom. Here's the picture of this cutie!…

Q.) Can we be friend?
I'm not exactly very comfortable answering this question, especially when we both barely talk. Why don't you hang out with me more often and see what will happen?

Q.) Do you have FaceBook?

My FaceBook is personal and it is something I prefer not to share with random people. If you think we both are chill enough, then you can send me a note to get my FaceBook account.

Q.) May I draw you a fanart / giftart?
Yes! Please do. You have all of the artistic freedom to draw my character in any manner you want! I'm very flexible with it. HOWEVER, there's a limit in the artistic freedom- you must NOT draw my character who's underaged in an adult-material manner.

Q.) Do you have an art commission?
Yes, indeed.

Q.) Do you take request? Art Trade? Collab?
Art Trade- Ask me about it.
Collab- Ask me about it too

Q.) What kind of programs do you use?
Majority of the time, I use Adobe Photoshop CS3. Sometimes, I will use Adobe Flash Professional and Adobe Illustrator.

Q.) Do you have any character?
Yes, I have a little over a HUNDRED characters and it's ongoing!

Q.) May I repost your art on the other site?
Er, just make sure you credit it to me and link back to the source. ^^;
If I see you doing that for an attention, then we both are going to have a serious discussion, mate.

Q.) May I ink/color/shade your artwork?
Ask me for the permission, please!


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ALERT: 75,101 Kiriban + Winner watcher kirban

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 17, 2014, 10:19 AM

EDIT: I have been doing a secret kiriban. Whoever is my 1,000th watcher will get a free picture!

We have a winner! :iconhomestuckobsessed: is my 1,000th watcher. Congratulation!

-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -   -   -   -

Hello! I am currently hosting kiriban. I know it has been sooooooooo long since when I did a free art for my fan. This is an EXCELLENT opportunity if you desire a free art from me! ^o^

To get a free art from me, you must stalk my profile page to catch 75,101th pageview kiriban!

The free art may varies from a sketched headshot or icon or to full-on detailed picture. It  depends on how I feel. Don't like what you get? Too bad! You got a FREE art from me and you should feel lucky for being the one who got something from me for free! There are other people who also want the free art from me. If you want something more specific, then you may need to pay me for my art commission!

Here's some of the rules.

I'm sorry if I'm so strict! omg.

• You must be my watcher before the kiriban has reached.

• No cheating! I know how to detect number of ways to cheat and I will be able to tell if you are cheating or not. I also am taking a course in graphic designer, so a littlest pixel mis-measurement could send me off to call you out right away then put you to the shame publicly forever. ;)

• PLEASE provide a screenshot. NO cropping. No editing. Nothing at all. DON'T draw/write over the screenshot, or I will think you're trying to cover something up.

• If there is more than one person who got a screenshot, then it is very likely that one of those two is cheater and I will get it checked and find out who cheated. DO NOT EVEN RISK IT.

• It is not possible for more than one person to have the exact same pageview number unless those two people share the exact same IP address. </TECHNOLOGY KNOWLEDGE>

• If I fail to detect  which one of those two "winners" has cheated, then those two winners will get nothing and I will host another kiriban in hope for this double incident to not repeat.


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Someone is doing a Livestream request!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 15, 2014, 11:06 AM

This person, :iconharrietthehedgehog: is now taking a livestream art request!

She is amazing, and she's painting me a beautiful birthday giftart as I'm making this journal.
Please watch her first, and then go to her livestream. :)

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UPDATED: Feature: Birthday Giftarts THANK YOU ALL!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 7, 2014, 12:39 PM

Hello! Hello! Hello!!!

My 19th birthday was on March 15!
 (Oooo, Ide of the March, how spooky!)
I made this journal to alert my fans of my birthday. ^^

I have a birthday wish and it is the only one thing.
My birthday wish is to have my character drawn by YOU!


For the every giftarts submitted this month will be featured on this journal for all to see! Your giftart will be included every year on my birthday. :3  
Have fun, and take your time! This is a yearly feature thing. Meaning, your giftart this month will be featured again next year!

I will keep updating your giftart for the whole March, don't worry too much if you don't make it on time. As long as you get it done before March ends, then you'll be fine UvU


Birthdaycakes :GA: HOLYGREEK HAPPY BIRTHDAY by MrsChocotastic Birthday Fanart for Gloriousphilia! by ameneko98 B-day gift by HarrietTheHedgehog GA:  GEE WOW look How bigger her boobies gotten by mhedgehog21 Happy Birthday Holy-Greek by Fun-Time-Is-Party Black and Yellow by blunote18-mezmorized Yachi by Pony-PetShop Icon by Ask-The-Scorpion Kiriban Prize for Holy-Greek by Swirlixxie Quick doodle thing 16 by nexides Requests by HirokoJin Gift for GoldenPain by Substrain-Seven Boom Boom by xXNightRose14Xx happy birthday to TCHINYGIRL125WIIMII and Holy-Gre by sheezy93 Happy Birthday GoldenPain by insanelittleprincess NOT THE BAD GIRL by SHITFORBRAINSCHAN Happy Birthday GoldenPain by Fun-Time-Is-Party Happy Birthday GoldenPain by HomohelvettiAcuzio by Professor-R Awkward... by NotChizimaru Happy Birthday GoldenPain by TheGreedGirl SFBC CHOMPS DESTINY by SHITFORBRAINSCHAN

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Check this cool webcomic out!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 6, 2014, 12:33 PM

Hello! My friend created a webcomic named Crossing-Over and it deserve some more recognitions! Please check it out!


If you want to support the comic, then go on

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Oh no, information about myself!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 3, 2014, 2:54 PM

name: Destiny

age: 18, going to become 19 this March 15th

gender: Female. Once in a while I consider myself as a male.

sexual orientation: Either bisexual or pansexual. It need to be confirmed.

height: 5'5

weight: Feather skinny. 121 lbs if I recall. (I wish I'm fatter tho.)

- - - 


- Gecko
- Moth
- Morfonious
- Fanarts for me
- Steak n' Shake
- Tacos
- Anatomy
- Gore
- Drawing
- Dark stuff with a lightening side
- People who are being themselves.
- People who have traits of its opposite gender role. <3
- Me. Yes, I love me and I need to be egoistical... SO,  HA!


- Insects
- Gordon Ramsay
- StepMania
- Skull
- Roses
- Anime/Cartoon/Manga/Comic
- Being Loved
- My Friends
- You


- Blunt, asshole, and/or rude people
- when things does not go in my way
- People who have English grammar that's 100 times worse than me.
- Greasy hair
- They get distracted then ends in middle of in-person conversation.
- People who take everything I do as an offensive. .-.
- Being accused of something I didn't do.


- Anyone who stalks everything I do online and then always try to turn my opinion against me in a very irrelevant time? Wtf???
- All sodas except for Ginger Ale, Cream Soda, and Dr. Pepper.
- Being rejected
- Feeling extremely upset over trivial thing.
- Procrastination (serious case)
- The feeling of hopelessness.
- Gave an advice to someone and the person just nodded it off and keep doing that harm her/him and still makes it a huge deal. The fuck. -.-
- Stupid dumb miscommunication

- - -

my favourite type of music: Electro,  Techno,  Dupstep,  Rock,  some pop,  industrial,  rave,  and aggotech. 

my favourite dessert: Cream puff,  red velvet cupcake,  and cream cheese. ~.~

my favourite meal: Taco,  Hoagie,  Halušky,  Fancy-ass steak burger,  Chinese food,  and spicy vegetable soup.

my favourite game: Stepmania,  Tetris Battle,  and Spiral Knights.

my favourite film: May,  Up,  Orphan,  Jackass,  Freddy Got Fingered,  and probably more that I couldn't think of.

my favourite color: Grass Green. UvU

my favourite drinks: AriZona's Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey,  Hot Earl Grey Tea,  Ginger Ale,  and caramel-flavored iced coffee. ^^

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Want me to interact you through art?

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 2, 2014, 6:36 PM

This is for fun.
I am doing this because I want to keep my art blog both interesting and active.
I ask my watchers to please get involved. It is much appreciated if you do help me out. I miiiiiiiight will doodle something for you if I ever feel like it.  <3

Here what you can do is to send me an ask to my art blog!

You can go on an ask page on the very first box you see in that page.
Below the description, on the second link you should detect "ask," then click on it to type anything up!

You do not have to sign up for Tumblr to send me an ask! You can send me an ask as an anonymous. ^o^

You can send me an ask about anything!
It can be something like:

- A question for/about my character
- A question for me?
- Art tip/suggestion
- a casual conversation
- ... your fantasy?
- Anything else, really.

Except, any ask that is offensive, rude, extremely distasteful, and so will be ignored. I try to keep thing as clean as possible.

Honey, I promise it all will be fun if you get involved, please!

Thank you for your time to read this journal. I hope to see your ask soon! :heart:

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So many thing to show...

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 19, 2014, 4:33 AM

Like, literally!

The reason I created this journal is that I have too many idea, projects, and things I need to do up in my mind!
I'm going to ask you, as my followers, watchers, admirer your idol, whatever that you proclaim yourself as, to help me out to tidy my idea up better based on what more of something you want to see from me! Please comment here with what you want to see more of something coming from me.

If you are not sure, then please visit my gallery!
The link below:…

Have a nice day, you people! Thank you for the lot of supports.  :heart:

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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 8, 2014, 12:58 PM

Okay, apparently, there is a misinformation, a bad kind of misinformation, has been going on around DeviantART and Tumblr circle. I don't really appreciate how some people make a wild assumption about me and my kind action just to make me look bad.

If you see something that baffles you or you're curious about it, PLEASE talk to me so I can clarify the misinformation up. I don't like when my lovely people are fed with negative misinformation when it's not true at all.

Sorry, I'm having a bad day and I don't want to deal with other people's craps anymore.
Have a nice day, and you take care of yourself.

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Journal Entry: Wed Feb 5, 2014, 1:28 PM

Do you want the chance to win one of these?
[Comm] substrain-seven by MrsCheeseHerder

All you have to do, is advertise her in a journal, a poll, front page, where ever.

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Get to Know me more Meme!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 24, 2014, 4:48 AM

What's your real name?
Destiny Slater.  :>

How tall are you?
5'5 and half. o3o

What's your natural hair color?
Espresso brown. B-)

What's your eye color?
People say it's blue, but I consider it grey.

What's your orientation?
Undecided if I am pansexual or bisexual. Let's say I am bisexual until I get to have an experience.

Are you single, taken or undecided?
Taken by :iconmorfonious: UvU :heart:
(Undecided, wat is that)

What do you do in your spare time?
Zoning out to a music, chilling with my boyfriend on video phone, drawing, and dealing with some craps.

What's your job or occupation?
I do not have any job. I have been trying to, but it has become too difficult for me, so I do not wish to talk about this. ;;

What do you like about yourself?
I think I look pretty/cute? I like myself for my maturity and chill nature. Oh yeah, my drawing talent.

What do you dislike about yourself?
I feel like I am too different from everybody else, and I am not exactly very... well-liked in my school. U__U;

What did your friends notice about you when they first met you?
UH, I DONT KNOW. GUYS, answer this question for me- please? :heart:

What is your belief/religion if you believe in anything at all?
Let's say I am just confused, lewl.

Do you drink?
Nope, but, I do have  a cup few times a year. Lewl.

Do you smoke?
Once. It ended up terrible so it became a permanent "no"

What are your major fears?
Death, nuclear bomb, bee, and uh.. yeah, I guess that's all!

Do you have any dreams or goals?
I want to become a cartoonist + graphic designer! OuO

Have you ever had a crush or an ex?
Yes, I have some crush before. haha.. Oh and, I have two ex-boyfriends and one ex-girlfriend that was in a serious relationship. UvU

Who's your best buddy?
It changes. I don't know. Yes, I'm upset about this.

What's your favorite dish?
uHHH, I don't know? I like FOODS!

What's your favorite drink?
AriZona's green tea with ginseng and honey~ <3

What's your favorite color?
Grass green. B-)

If you had a super power, what would it be?
to be honest, I don't know. Lewl.

What's your favorite movie?
Let's say it's May.

What's your least favorite food?
YAM. They grosses me out, idk.

What's the last meal you want before you die?

What do you drive and what would you really like to drive?
I don't care what kind of car to drive as long as it functions and is comfortable enough for me to drive around.

What is your most disliked bug?
I don't dislike any bug. I like bugs.

What pet peeves do you dislike the most?
Assholes who think they are the best. Yeah, you, fuck off.

What do you dislike in life?
How I am dealing with this... HOPELESS emotion right now. It's a worst feeling ever! D;

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Tumblr + Weasyl account created

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 20, 2014, 6:58 PM

For the past few days, I was very active with what I am doing on the internet.
I have no idea why, but, I am going to provide my lovely watchers + fans the updates.


Recently, my boyfriend, Morfonious, suggested me that I separate my personal+art blog to two blogs. In which one is personal-only blog and the other one is art-only blog


Since there is a huge migration to the other site, Weasyl, due to the problem with administration in both DeviantART and FurAffinity. So, if any of you plan to use Weasyl more often, then please keep yourself updated with my works!

Have a nice day, everyone. :heart:

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UPDATE: omg thank you

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 20, 2014, 9:11 AM


It looks like my subscription is going to run out in 10 days, and right now I am going to work REALLY hard to do a bunch of point commissions. (I doubt it will be successful...)



If you want to support me to expand more premium membership, then please either donate ANY amount of points. They are much appreciated. ;o;
Any left over extra points will be used to support other artists and contests.

If you couldn't help me out in any way and form, then please spread the word about this journal or my point-  art commission.

Take care, please. :heart:

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